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We had the installers stack them, which allowed us to move our refrigerator from its original location just inside the kitchen doorway. Indoor Hook-Up Dryer Vent Kit. Item #1195854. The screw on the right side of the bracket is reachable, but the one on the left is not. The back door to the house opens toward the washer/dryer, and I had measured them and knew they would fit and allow the door to open 90 degrees. Woohoo! Most of the dryers I have run across do have "knockouts" pre-stamped into both the left and right sides of the cabinet. Pro tip: Use no more than 25 feet. Get more answers from the people in your networks. Add to … Recently Viewed $ Free Shipping: Safe, contact-free delivery to your home, inside or outside. Well, technically not the one for my exact make/model, but it was almost identical. Remove the exhaust duct cover. google_ad_slot = "8463617078"; 38. I can understand how frustrating it would be with this stubborn vent knock out part. GE GFA28DSVN GE GFA28DSVN Dryer Side Vent. Free returns. 2. Strike it with a hammer and chisel very close to the seam. If you really need to do it, it can be done, and maybe my experience will help you. IMPERIAL. I'm trying to re-connect wires to the TML thermal fuse and thermostat.A friend of mine took them all off, and after I got the replacement parts, ... Why has my LG Dryer model DLE2301W has blown 4 high limit thermostats in the past 3 weeks? A UL-listed semi-rigid dryer duct can be used if the vent length is 8 feet or less. 32 Are you kidding? Remove the knockout from either of the left or right side panel, or base. Compare; Find My Store. That was the only possible way it could go from the blower to the knockout hole in the side. BUILDER'S BEST Silver Semi-Rigid Dryer Vent Kit with Close Elbow Model# 110050 $ 24 99 $ 24 99. Fortunately, there wasn’t much possibility of doing it wrong. Hmm. Strike it with a hammer and chisel very close to the seam. [Disclaimer: I do not know whether doing this yourself or even having a professional do it could void your warranty. Shouldn’t I be able to get a free copy of the service manual for an appliance I just bought for a lot of money? For easier installation, removing the front assembly, tumbler and drive belt is recommended. Do not strike the middle of the knockout. Best Selling. It took them over a month to send it to me even though they charged my credit card when I ordered it. GE Appliances is your home for the best kitchen appliances, home products, parts and accessories, and support. I made a quick trip to Home Depot and bought some 4-inch round rigid duct pieces: 2 straight and one elbow. Side venting the clothes dryer: many lessons learned. /* AdSense1 */ One of our first big purchases for the house was a new Samsung front-loading washer and dryer. I'm trying to install the bottom vent kit for it. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Dryer Vent Cleaning in New Lenox, IL. The piece on my dryer was spot-welded about 8 places around the circle so it took some effort to remove it. Remove the vent pipe that goes out the rear of the dryer. Lowes told me to call Samsung. Set the vent a minimum of 12 inches above the outside ground. In order to remove the knockout plug it is necessary to fracture the retaining strip. We have manuals, guides and of course parts for common 110.65942401 problems. We Match & Beat Any Price. ANSWER Noella, There is no special trick to get the knockout out of place for the vent kit. With a screwdriver and hammer cut the spot welds that are holding the knockout plate in the side opening. The door is off and also the fa … read more • Wrap the joint with duct tape to avoid air leaks. For example, a dryer with a 90-degree elbow at the exhaust port and another at … I used the knockout from the side to cover the identical hole left in the back of the dryer, using foil tape to secure it. Ft. 10-Cycle Gas Dryer - White On White User rating, 4.6 out of 5 stars with 119 reviews. google_ad_width = 200; I called Whirlpool and they told me to get the side vent kit from Lowes. There will be a knockout … I think I paid $5 at the time (looks like now it’s $10) for a 3-month “apprenticeship” (i.e., subscription), which entitled me to get as much forum advice and/or request any service manuals to washers, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, etc. for pricing and availability. The Samurai Appliance guy is providing a really helpful service at a reasonable price. The plywood covered the extra space around around the hole in the drywall and gave me something to securely screw the vent door into. The problem is we can't get the metal bottom "knockout" to knock out. Price (11) $0 - $650 (11) $650 - $800 (13) $800 - $1000 (12) $1000 - $1200 (10) $1200 & above. The plastic connector also gave me something to attach the inner duct to. google_ad_height = 200; Apparently not. Our Price: $99.00 We Match & Beat Any Price. Deflecto Clothes Dryer Vent Kit; Flexible Transition Duct, Louvered Vent Hood with Pipe and Collar and Two Plastic Clamps, 4" x 8' (SK8WFW) 4.4 out of 5 stars 446. Let’s put it this way: if you are considering doing this, I would suggest you exhaust (!) It was so much easier and so much cheaper than the kit, which I couldn’t use for anything. SIDE VENTING (cont.) The parts matched the inventory and instructions that came with the kit, but just made no sense in the context of the actual dryer. Somehow I found out I needed a “side vent kit.”  I called Lowes to inquire about obtaining the side vent kit. Minimal Theme designed by Artur Kim. Recommended to you based on your activity and what's popular • Feedback Great, I thought, this will solve the problem. * Refer to service manual for disassembly and reassembly of dryer 2. EDIT: See the access panel in the back? I think in our case it was worth it. Use foil tape.] Those came out in short order too.). Refer to the service manual for disassembly and reassembly of dryer. Plus my dryer was in pieces all over my kitchen and living room floor. Master Dryer Vent Connector Kit Indoor Hook-Up Dryer Vent Kit. I would take a break right about now. 4. Here’s what the internal duct looks like for side venting: I don’t have photographic evidence, but I think I must have put some foil tape on the duct connections too. They took up almost the whole wall on the far side of the room. On a few DIY forums, several people recommended making your own side vent kit from common duct parts found at the local hardware store. Heat only working for few minutes then turns off on gas dryer, Kenmore 22242 3.6 cu. Refine Your Search. 1. : "http://www. I followed the directions in the service manual and started disassembling the dryer. Originally I had wanted to do it the “right” way by using a sanctioned kit, but now that was off the table. The dryer is currently only about an inch or so out from the wall, which is not enough room for even something like this periscope duct. Compare; Find My Store. This blog is an incomplete repository of our DIY (do-it-yourself) projects, plans, aspirations, mistakes, and sources of inspiration. Shipping: Free. Upon returning home, I had to make things up as I went along since my kit instruction sheet was useless (aside from vaguely mentioning that the dryer had to be taken apart), and side venting was the one topic the service manual didn’t cover. Unfortunately, the regular user manual does not provide instructions or even enough information about the insides of the dryer to figure out how to disassemble it. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Dryer Vent Cleaning in Tinley Park, IL. "electric dryer right side venting" & marketplace (57) Only (56) In-store: set your location. I had blown some money on this overpriced and useless side vent kit. 1. Recessing the duct into the wall was also not an option because there is plumbing in the wall. Model #433301. countless hours researching whether this could be done and how to do it; some more hours trying to track down the (useless) side vent kit – though maybe there now exists a side vent kit that actually works; a few more hours searching for the service manual before I came across the Samurai Appliance guy, for whose existence I am eternally grateful; about $20 on things that actually helped me do the project; more than $20 (I don’t even want to tell you how much) on something that was totally useless. One to three sharp blows will remove it. I called Lowes again and they told me to call Samsung or Whirlpool. I found the Whirlpool side vent kit on appliancezone.com and bought it. While I was at HD, I also bought a semi-rigid duct with connectors similar to this to use on the outside of the dryer, since I didn’t think too highly of the flimsy one used in the original installation. 3. • Assemble exhaust duct to elbow duct. The only good thing about the side vent kit was that its one-sheet set of instructions correctly indicated that I would have to essentially disassemble the entire dryer (but didn’t say how to do that) to access the internal venting and reroute it out the side. Want to know more about us? } catch(err) {}. The trick to getting to the left-hand screw on the bracket is to knock out the left side vent knock-out and then stick your left arm in through the left side knock-out to get to that screw from the back of it. Then later I discovered that the kit was not useful, which I’ll tell you about in a minute. Find the perfect Home Appliances Accessories for you! GE GFA28DSVN Dryer Side Vent Kit. UL-listed foil dryer ducts are only allowed under very strict criteria. Remove the old exhaust duct from … The kit, of course, is designed to vent out either the side of the bottom of the dryer. Brand (14) Kenmore (4) Kenmore Elite (16) LG (11) GE Appliances (11) Samsung (1) Hotpoint. I needed the service manual. The new duct clearly needed to go straight towards the back, but then make a 90 degree turn to the left and go out the side instead. which allows the back door to my house to open 90 degrees instead of an unacceptable 70 degrees. It’s important for dryer vents to stay as smooth inside and uncrushed as possible, otherwise lint can accumulate unnoticed and become a fire hazard. Item #433301. Proceed at your own risk.]. Now the vent is ready to connect. So I cut my $4 straight pieces to the right length and connected them with the elbow. Remove the knockout from the side to be used, save the sheet metal piece even if bent. This is an accessory that can be used across several dryer brands with lint screens in the front; check to see if your model number is compatible. This is not a recent project, but one that I’ve been meaning to share because it might be helpful to others. For example, foil dryer ducts can only be used in lengths 8 … ft. Top-Load Washer - White, Kenmore 32600 16" Oscillating Stand Fan - White, Kenmore 4-Burner LP Stainless Steel Gas Grill. Then take off the door and front panels: Next take of the drum belts and the entire drum comes out: … exposing the inner duct, which is under the drum and behind the blower. The existing duct went from the blower straight out the back of the dryer. Although there were frustrating moments along the way, it was an interesting challenge for me, and I’m proud that I persevered and got it done. Accessibility. Whirlpool Dryer Vent Installer Kit Model# 4396013RB $ 34 00 $ 34 00. If your dryer is in the basement and the basement is underground, run duct up the exterior wall and out the rim joist. The new duct clearly needed to go straight towards the back, but then make a 90 degree turn to the left and go out the side instead. We've used a hammer with chisel, punches, and screwdrivers. In Stock. And then the back door couldn’t open all the way, which was not a good thing. [Note: this was over two years ago, and there may now be an actual Samsung side vent kit, but I can’t vouch for it.] But there was a problem. 31 Next, attach the medium-sized vent piece from the kit to the blower housing. Answered by AppliancePartsPros.com | Wednesday, February 5, 2014. ft. Gas Dryer in White $ 899.00. What is the capacity of my Kenmore washer model 41744072300 and the matching dryer? Argh! Powered by Tumblr. Everything was just as the manual showed, and all went smoothly. That meant that in order to leave enough room behind the dryer for the vent, the washing machine had to stick out 4 inches further than I had realized. It doesn’t look like it is from the front, but that’s because the top of the washing machine curves back at the top. "https://ssl." A dryer vent is very useful as it will remove damp air and other fibers from your home, keeping it safer and cleaner. When we bought our house, it came with an old school washer and dryer in the kitchen. You will probably have to access the actual dryer ducting by laying the unit on it's front side, pad the floor to prevent scratching. I guess we already had the vent door shown (I don’t know what it’s called) along with this thing. Model #STV-M. One to three sharp blows will remove it. Chicago Building Code Online. Copperfield 89636 18 Inch-29 Inch Close Clearance Dryer Vent Periscope Pipe For Venting To Side. "); This requires that a … ... 7.5 cu. What I didn’t count on was that when the dryer is stacked on top of the washer, it is actually set back almost 4 inches. For LEFT venting: • Locate the 15-1/2” exhaust duct from this kit. Get free shipping on qualified Four-Way Venting Electric Dryers or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Appliances Department. If it amuses you, follow along. Then I put everything back together, working backward through the manual. The best dryer vents will also work to remove harmful and unhealthy gases like carbon dioxide that can come out of the dryer when it is being used. That really opened up the room. Outdoor Exhaust Dryer Vent Kit. The existing duct went from the blower straight out the back of the dryer. They refused to do anything whatsoever to rectify the situation because I didn’t contact them within 10 days. The expert will review and respond with help. Yep, that’s it. You would just use a hammer and flat blade screwdriver and there are spots where the 2 pieces of metal connect. And here’s what the finished product looks like (see how the vent can actually go behind the washing machine since it has a lot more room behind it than the dryer): Was it worth it? The kit to vent out the side is part number W10323246. I want to remove the front of my new Amana gas dryer #NGD7200TW. We got a good deal on them from Lowes by using one of those coupons you get when you change your address, plus one of those appliance sales they have several times a year. If you need to exhaust the vent through the base of the dryer, you will need to first set the dryer on its side before removing the bottom knock-out cover. You just loosen the screw on the worm clamps (metal circular bands that hold the duct to the vents) and pull the duct off. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-5058058961914128"; Obviously, unplug it first. I chose that one because the plastic connectors protect the bendy parts from getting crushed. I did some research and found out that while the default is for the vent to come out the back of the dryer, it can also be configured to come out either side! why does my dryer only work if i hold down the start button? I did some preliminary search for help but did not locate help. WARNING: Wear safety glasses. Model #: GFA28DSVN. Item #325782. Rant over, back to the story. I found the service manual on several websites, but they were all charging an arm and a leg for it. Set your store to see local availability Add to Cart. Install the elbow in place of the vent pipe and the extension to the side you want to access. Our Price: $99.00 Shipping: Free. The hole in the drywall was too big, so I got Matt to cut a square of plywood with a right-sized hole in the middle. I asked for the service manual to my dryer, and within a short time the Samurai provided it in downloadable format! I recently took delivery of my Kenmore Elite clothes dryer, 02669278000, at my new home. See Figure 14. figure 11 Bottom Panel knockout VENT RING Isn’t there always something? of 4-inch duct, and subtract 5 feet for every 90-degree turn and 2 1/2 feet for every 45-degree turn for dryer vent installation. Remove the exhaust duct cover. … Find all the parts you need for your Kenmore Dryer 110.65942401 at RepairClinic.com. Free delivery with $45 order. There will be complete instructions with the vent kit. 3. for pricing and availability. Remove the knockout from either of the left or right side panel, or base. Discover the latest features and innovations available in the DV-1A Side Vent Kit. var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-11312434-3"); Make sure the side vent extends 1.75" out from the side of the dryer. INSTALLING THE SIDE VENT KIT. We have a semi-rigid / flexible transition dryer duct, part# PM08X10085. I’m a fan. (Also check out that horrible fake wood counter and backsplash. Once the dryer was disassembled, it was clear that at the very least a duct elbow would be needed, and that even the straight pieces included were not useful. That was the only possible way it could go from the blower to the knockout … Finally, I found a person/website that saved me: the Samurai Appliance Repair Man at applianceguru.com. Here ya go. I should have just done that in the first place. 215. Below is a link to the kit with instructions. Hello Bob, Thanks for your question. I looked around on the internet. LEARN MORE. 4.8 out of 5 stars 9. If you're going to vent the dryer out the side, you must take the dryer apart and access the bottom of the dryer where the vent goes out the back. Genius! Just tap out those areas. You need to order the side mounting vent kit to replace the straight vent that goes out the back. Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! Write a Review. pageTracker._trackPageview(); I was pleased about getting the service manual for only $5 instead of $50. other options that don’t require side venting. Compare. Lambro. Side venting was the only thing that would allow our preferred kitchen arrangement, and the alternatives are vastly inferior. Samsung told me to use a Whirlpool side vent kit. var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? I need to vent the unit out the left side (knockout) and can't see why the side venting kit costs $130. Someone mentioned in the comments that you may be able to replace the ducting through that hole without having to take apart the whole dryer from the front! NOTE: If unit was previously setup for side venting leaving an exposed knock-out hole, or had additional panel knock-outs re-moved, from outside of dryer install the plastic plug(s) included with kit to the side panel knock-out hole(s). • Insert exhaust duct through knockout opening on the LEFT side of dryer. I will never purchase anything from them again, and you, dear readers, shouldn’t either. If you can maneuver through that hole, it will save a ton of time. I read somewhere this might be the case, so I inquired about having it done by Lowes and they said they wouldn’t do it. I had kept all the screws in separate containers with little notes so I wouldn’t mix them up. The following instruction covers exhausting a dryer either through the left or right side of the cabinet, or through the base. The knockout plate was not so easy to knock out. sort by. Your question was published, help is on its way! I attached the semi-rigid duct to the outside using the connectors it came with. To get started, we pulled our dryer away from the wall and disconnected the duct from the dryer and wall with a flat head screwdriver. [Note: Do not use duct tape on ducts and the like! Kenmore 3-Burner Pedestal Gas Grill PG-4030400 ... Kenmore EB38084 Oscillating Ceramic Heater. try { The side vent kit was all wrong! I don’t remember exactly how much, but I want to say in the ballpark of $40-50, which seems ridiculous. //--> Remove the from assembly, tumbler and drive belt. For RIGHT venting: • Locate the 9-1/2” exhaust duct from this kit. Dryer Vent Cleaning in New Lenox on YP.com. do not strike the middle of the knockout. Tags: DIY DIYnot Kelly appliance dryer lessons learned side vent home improvement, Thanks for visiting! And then, disaster. 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